Rapport EM – damer junior


    Rapport EM Youth Cluj-Napoca Romania 15.07-25.07.2018

    Just before EM we had two short preparatory camps in Oslo in Fornebu Senter in periods 1.07-6.07 and 8.07-12.07.
    They were organized just after juniors NETU Championship in Estonia which we can also call preparatory event to youth EM.
    During camps in Oslo apart from the cadet girls, junior girls and junior boys national teams there were also other players who contributed to training:
    Rebekka Carlsen, Ma Wenting, Ilka Doval, Magnus Vikstrøm, Pål Guttormsen, Henrik Nilsen, Sigurd Sørheim and Marlone Babsvik.
    We had also sparring players from Poland: Szymon Malicki and Łukasz Dzikowski. They stayed with us during both preparatory periods.
    Coaches Maciej Pietkiewicz and Sindre Åteigen were present also.
    We had two training sessions each day from 9:30 till 12:00 and from 15:00 till 17:30.
    We had four junior girls participating in EM Championship: Sjøholt Sunniva, Lange Lisa, Skåttet Rikke and Kalvatn Anne.
    All those players were debuting in youth EM Championship

    Team event.
    Norwegian team started Championship in the 1st category level because of last EM in Portugal where we took 12th position. We had difficult teams in the group. They were: Russia, Azerbaijan and Czech. We took 4th place in this group. After that we lost play-off match against Netherlands to play for places in top 16. After we played for places 17-28. In this phase we met teams from Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece and Lithuania. Eventually Norwegian junior girls team took position 28th in Championship. There were 39 teams participating in the event.
    • Czech Republic 1-3
    • Azerbaijan 0-3
    • Russia 0-3
    • Netherlands 0-3
    • Portugal 2-3
    • Bulgaria 1-3
    • Greece 1-3
    • Lithuania 2-3
    Results achieved for each player:
    • Sunniva: 2 matches won and 9 matches lost (she played in all 8 team matches)
    • Lisa: 1 match won, 1 match won by WO and 2 matches lost (she played in 4 team matches)
    • Rikke: 2 matches won, 5 matches lost (she played in 5 team matches, Rikke got injured during match against Portugal)
    • Anne: 1 match won and 8 matches lost (she played in 7 team matches)

    Single competition:
    • Sunniva – she lost qualification match to enter the main draw (128 players), after played consolation tournament (64 players) where she lost in the 1st round
    • Lisa – won her qualification match and entered the main draw where she lost in the 1st round, after participated in consolation tournament where she lost in the 1st round
    • Anne – she won her qualification match and entered the main draw where she lost in the 1st round, after played consolation event where she lost in the 1st round

    Double category:
    • Anne and Sunniva lost in the 1st round (64 doubles)

    Mixed double:
    • Sunniva and Buringrud-Langen Fredrik won their qualification match and lost in the 1st round of the main draw (128 mixed doubles)
    • Anne and Thomas Låte won their qualification match and after they lost in the main tournament in the 1st round.
    • Lisa and her partner from Wales Stacey Joshua lost their qualification match to enter to the main draw

    Final thoughts.
    The results from EM 2018 are not good. We lost place in the 1st category group teams and dropped down to the 2nd category. We have not won any team match and finished in position 28. We had a new team this year. The players had no experience in this kind of events and we were aware of the difficulties. In the first stage of the tournament we played against teams from Russia and Azerbaijan the teams that at the end met in the final.
    Additionally, our best player Skåttet Rikke got injured and we could not count on her during important matches when we still had chances to fight for the place in top 16.
    We have to mention about some bright moments during team event.
    In our first match against Czech Republic Sunniva was very close to beat number 14th ranked player in the world in under 18 category Blaskova Zdena. Sunniva was leading 2-1 in sets and 4-1 in the fourth. She lost 2-3 fighting to the end (Sunniva’s world ranking is 410).
    In the same match Rikke beat player Stepanova Gabriela (world ranking in U18:79 where Rikke world ranking is 225).
    Anne and Lisa also had some good moments against higher ranked players when they lost in the last instances of the game.
    Of course, we have to be honest here and say that our lever is not good enough to fight against good teams and players. We have to work hard and with dedication to be able to compete on good level.
    We must analyse all together (coaches and players) what we have to improve in the future in the women’s table tennis and put effort in preparations for the next events.

    National women’s team coach: Jaroslaw Lowicki