European Team Qualification Event report – Bosnia Herzegovina 15.04-16.04.2017


    There was two stages in this tournament. First was in Denmark when our team took first position beating in the final team from Denmark by 3:2.
    The second stage was played in Bosnia Herzegovina when we met three teams from Denmark, Bosnia Herzegovina and Israel.
    In this stage only one team was promoted to play in the second division level during European Championship held in Luxembourg in September in 2017.
    In the first encounter we met team from Denmark. The level of this two teams is equal and both teams had the same chances. This time girls from Denmark were better then us and we lost 1:3. Our girls felt big pressure what made them not playing up to their level. It happens to everybody. Maybe last won match in Denmark made us favorite and put pressure on us.
    Aslo players from both teams know each other very well and the final result depends on the disposition in a given day.
    The second match we played against host team from Bosnia Herzegovina.
    We lost this match also 1:3 having good chances to win.
    Rebekka lost her match 2:3 having match ball.
    Ilka Doval was leading 2:0 against the best player from other team (higher ranked player then Ilka in WR system by 70 places) finaly losing 2:3.
    The third match against Israel (the favorite of this event) we won 3:2 showing good disposition. The other team had one good player ranked 225 in the World. Our best player Ilka Doval is ranked 298. Maja Gjelle is ranked 379, Rebekka Carlsen ranked 390 and Sarah Horgen is ranked 530.
    Sarah Horgen did very good match against the best player (Trosman Nicole) winning one set and having some chances.
    All teams participating in Bosnia Herzegovina had equal chances and could qualify.
    Our players have a potential to go to the second division group in Europe and I hope then in near future we can achieve it. Of course we must work hard and it will not be easy but last results from other events tell us that it is possible.
    Best regards!
    Jaroslaw Lowicki