EM rapport – damer senior


    European Team Championship Luxemburg 13.09-17.09.2017

    Women’s team
    Norwegian team was composed of three players: Ilka Doval, Rebekka Carlsen and Maja Gjelle. Our team was participating in Standard Division group which was a unique group with only 6 teams (Estonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Scotland, Macedonia, Latvia and Norway).

    Before the tournament we had one-week small camp in Fornebu with invited sparring players from Poland. The goal for us in this Championship was to win Standard Division group where we were favourite and make little step up in our confidence. We had no possibilities to go up to the next level of competition because of the changes in the rules. From the next edition of Team European Championship only 24 teams will participate in the final stage after period of qualifications.

    On this event our results were:
    • against Macedonia 3-1
    • against Scotland 3-0
    • against Latvia 3-0
    • against Bosnia Herzegovina 3-0
    • against Estonia 3-2
    Our team won all matches.

    Individual results (won and lost matches):
    • Ilka Doval (7-1)
    • Rebekka Carlsen (4-2)
    • Maja Gjelle (5-0)

    Our team stood up to the task and won the Standard Division group.
    Considering all teams participating in this EM Norwegian team took 33rd place.
    We believe that this team have a potential to grow. Now we have to get ready for the next qualification team tournament. It will be not an easy task with the new system of qualification to get to the final stage (only 24 teams).
    But we have to learn and fight any single match in order to get better. This is the only way to be successful.

    Jaroslaw Lowicki
    24.09.2017 Oslo