EM rapport- damer junior


    European Youth Championship in Ostrava 7.07-16.07.2019

    Norwegian Junior Girls
    Squad for EYC in Ostrava this year was: Rikke Skåttet, Lisa Lange and Martine Toftaker. Katarina Wetzel from the beginning was also considered to go to the event but eventually we decided to focus on her rehabilitation (problems with the spine) and only three girls were picked.

    Preparations for EYC started from 24.06 and lasted till 4.07. We trained in Fornebu in Oslo and in Bratislava just before we went straight to the Championship. In Fornebu we trained together with another Norwegian teams going to the EYC. In our training in Fornebu we got help from Ilka Doval and Pål Guttormsen who were participating in some sessions and in Bratislava we trained with Slovakian National Junior girls’ team.
    But it was not only that time when our girls started preparations. Just after when they finished their school, they started to train very hard and were coming for each training. They showed great interest from long before official preparations started.
    In continuation I will write final results of our players. You can find detailed information going to the link www.ettu.org and finding the European Youth Championship event.

    Team tournament.
    Norway played against following teams:
    Denmark 3-1
    Latvia 3-0
    Bulgaria 3-0
    Croatia 3-2
    Czech 0-3
    Serbia 1-3
    Netherlands 3-1
    Sweden 2-3
    Results from the team competition of each player (wins\loses):
    Rikke Skåttet 8\4
    Lisa Lange 5\3
    Martine Toftaker 5\6
    The Norwegian team took 14th position in the Championship (37 teams).
    It is a great success for these girls. We started the Tournament in the second category teams, went up to the top 16 teams and manage to stay in the top 16 for the next Championship. The girls worked very hard to get to this result and they achieved it. They were counting silently to go into the best 16 teams and stay there. It was not an easy task as there is many good teams you can lose to. Great job girls!
    Other results of our girls in this EYC.

    Lisa Lange:
    • Individual: position 33-64 (2nd round)
    • Double (with player from Estonia Reinal Vitalia): position 33-64 (1st round)
    • Mixed double (with Sigurd Sørheim): qualifications

    Martine Toftaker:
    • Individual: position 17-32 (3rd round)
    • Double (with Rikke): position 33-64 (1st round)
    • Mixed double (with Fredrik Langen): position 33-64 (2nd round)

    Rikke Skåttet:
    • Individual: position 9-16 (4th round)
    • Double (with Martine): position 33-64 (1st round)
    • Mixed double (with Henrik Nilsen): position 65-128 (1st round)

    Our girls played also well in the second part of the Championship especially in individual tournament. They could maintain good level of play from the team event and competed very well.
    Norwegian girls competed well against players from Czechia, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Spain or Sweden, countries where table tennis is on good level. It was really very impressive to watch them competing. They were playing on good level and fighting till the end giving everything. We hope they will stay highly motivated in the future and get even better results. All this happened because of their high implication in the training process. They knew what they wanted, they took decision and at the end they got their reword.
    For the end of this short report I would like to mention one more important comment. I believe that Norwegian players also can develop well practicing in Norway. The cooperation between NTG school and clubs also can produce good results in the international arena and make our players better.
    The 2/3rd of the team (Rikke, Lisa) comes from this combination and is the clear indication that it can work. Of course, we have to work very hard and do everything but it is possible to do it here in Norway!!

    Jaroslaw Lowicki
    National junior girls coach