Aleksey Yefremov ansatt som landslagstrener


    Aleksey Yefremov is appointed new head coach for the Norwegian junior and senior national team. Aleksey Yefremov was born in Minsk (Belarus) in 1975 and has a background from a very dedicated table tennis family. His father was both head of USSR national team and Belarus national team and her sister was a member of the Belarus national team. Aleksey was member of Belarus junior national team and U21 national team, but was early inspired to develop as a table tennis coach. Aleksey Yefremov has studied table tennis for 4 years at State University of physical education and sports and completed a dusin of different courses such as ITTF High performance coach in 1998. Aleksey Yefremov has 20 years of coaching experience in 4 different continents (both as national coach and club coach) such as Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America with several players ranked higher than 100 in the world (example Omar Assar world ranked 37). He has received excellent references from the various positions that he has held. Aleksey Yefremov will start his new position mid August this year and is very much looking forward that. He is a very analytical coach with strong focus on developing players from a very holistic perspective. He loves to test players both physically and technically and follow the progression in all elements that is important for developing table tennis players. He finds it very important to have a close relationship with the clubs in Norway (especially the club coaches) to form an agreement on how we can develop the players as a team with the player in the centre of the attention. He has recently studied the Norwegian players on youtube and videos and believes there are som strong potentials to build on. Please welcome our new boss.

    Olav Haraldseid
    Leder sektor toppidrett