EM rapport – damer junior


    Guimaraes 14.07-23.07.2017

    Preparation for the EYC.

    Norwegian players: Sarah Horgen, Rebekka Carlsen, Nora Nilsen and Maja Gjelle.
    From 19.06.2017 till 25.06.2017 we went to Nottingham England training camp to practice with English team (juniors and seniors).
    It was very good training there. Our players practiced with dedication and big motivation.
    After being back to Oslo after two days break form 27.06.2017 till 1.07.2017 we started new training period in B 72 hall. We were practicing just among us which gave us a chance to practice individually.
    And the last period of preparation from 3.07.2017 till 11.07.2017 we had together with other Norwegian teams going to Portugal cadet girls, cadet boys and junior boys.
    On this camp we had other players helping us with preparation.
    We had players from: Hungary, Lithuania and Poland. Ma Wenting also was with us.
    It was very good time of preparation. All groups were cooperating together giving the chance to make the best practice possible.
    Participating other coaches: Gundars Russis, Sindre Ateingen and Maciej Pietkiewicz.
    We also received some help from Huang Baolin who is a coach for B 72 club.

    Competition EYC.

    Team event.
    The team was made of four players: Sarah Horgen, Rebekka Carlsen, Nora Nilsen and Maja Gjelle.
    We started in the division of best 16 teams. Our goal was to stay in this group at the end of the tournament.
    The first part of the team event was group stage. In our group we had teams from Russia, Belgium and Sweden.
    In the brackets World Ranking of the players for the 1 of July 2017 category under 18 years.

    Norway – Sweden (2-3)
    Norway – Belgium (1-3):
    Norway – Russia (0-3):

    After the stage group we had to play one play-off match against Italy.
    It was the match to stay in top 16 best teams in this EYC 2017.

    Norway – Italy (3-0):

    Matches in the main draw (best 16).

    Norway – Azerbaijan (0-3):

    We still needed one more win to stay for the next year in top division teams.

    Norway – France (3-1):

    Norway – Turkey (0-3):

    Norway – Croatia (0-3):

    Team finishes on 12th position.
    We have achieved the goal to stay in the division of the best 16 teams for the next season 2017/2018.

    Individual event.

    Rebekka Carlsen (WR: 123):
    1st round against Delesa Marcella ITA (WR: 295) 4-2
    2nd round against Brateyko Solomiya UKR (WR: 33) 4-3
    3rd round against Slezakova Stanislava CZE (WR: 178) 4-2
    4th round against Kolish Anastasia RUS (WR: 51) 1-4
    Rebekka took position 9-16 in EYC.

    Sarah Horgen (WR: 260):
    1st round against Blaskova Zdena CZE (WR: 85) 0-4
    This match was to get to the 64 top players in the main tournament.
    Because Sarah lost in the 1st round she had to play consolation tournament:
    1st round against Plaistow Rebecca SCO (WR: ?) 3-1
    2nd round against Fernandez Alba ESP (WR: 287) 1-3
    Sarah lost to go to the 16 best players in the consolation event.

    Nora Nilsen (WR: 206):
    1st round against Tarbensen Line DEN (WR: ?) 4-0
    2nd round against Surjan Sabina SRB (WR: 52) 0-4
    Nora took position 33-64 in the EYC.

    Maja Gjelle (WR: 141):
    1st round against Deng Simeng AZE (WR: 81) 3-4
    It was the match to go to the top 64 players in the EYC.
    Maja then had to play consolation tournament:
    1st round against Gunsing Yoeke NED (WR: 312) 3-0
    2nd round against Mavri Gaja SLO (WR: 267) 3-0
    3rd round against Edvinsson Jennie SWE (WR: 186) 1-3
    It was the round to go to the top 8 best players in the consolation event.

    Double competition.

    Sarah Horgen and Nora Nilsen:
    1st round against Ning Jing/Chen Xingtai AZE (WR: 18/65) 2-3
    Our girls fought very well. They came from 0-2 down to make it even 2-2.
    In the fifth set Sarah and Nora were leading 8-4 to lose at the end the whole match 2-3.
    Nora and Sarah took position 33-64 in EYC.

    Maja Gjelle and Rebekka Carlsen:
    1st round against Gerarts Rachel/Hop Heleen NED (WR: 249/?) 3-0
    2nd round against Zhang Xuan Xu/Garcia Ana ESP (WR: 36/105) 0-3
    Maja and Rebekka took position 17-32 in EYC.

    Mixed doubles event.

    Nora Nilsen and Finn Vetvik:
    1st round against Oprea Dragos/Sarah Horgen ROM/NOR 1-3
    Nora and Finn took position 65-128 in EYC.

    Sarah Horgen and Oprea Dragos:
    2nd round against Grela Artur/Wegrzyn Anna POL (WR:99/76) 0-3
    Sarah and Dragos took position 33-64 in EYC.

    Rebekka Carlsen and Adrian Wetzel:
    1st round against Vidacek Marko/Franovic CRO (WR: 246/274) 3-1
    2nd round against Rembert Bastian/Le Scour Romane FRA (WR: 39/105) 0-3
    Rebekka nad Adrian took position 33-64 in EYC.

    Maja Gjelle and Sondre Berner:
    1st round against Broiakovskyi Vsevolod/Brateyko Solomiya UKR (WR: ?/33) 3-2
    2nd round against Hipper Tobias/Saeger Luisa GER (WR: 38/41) 3-2
    3rd round against Hribar Peter/Vovk Aleksandra SLO (WR: 143/98) 2-3
    Maja and Sondre took position 17-32 in EYC.

    Final thoughts.

    From the results point of view, it was very good and positive tournament.
    The team finished on the 12th position which is better than the last year (14th place) and Rebekka Carlsen took 9th place in the individual competition.
    Those results are coming from the good work and preparation throughout the whole season 2016/2017.
    I wish that the success of Rebekka can be a clear signal to other Norwegian table tennis players and people working in table tennis that in Norway we have also talented young people who can play on good level. And this is the problem in Norway.
    The players do not trust in themselves and the people in Norway do not believe in players. I could see it on many occasions during last season.
    We must break this negative motion and start to be more positive in the future. Of course, by positive I mean not only thinking positively but most of all working hard with motivation, determination and trust.
    Some players from this group of girls are making visible progress. Other players are working hard to keep pace with them. Let’s hope that this will continue and will bring more good players in near future.
    We still need to be better technically and put more quality in the practice. There is still much work to do and we cannot stop. We must be determined and stay focused on the process.
    But we have the group of girls who have the potential to become better and can bring to Norway more successes and pride.

    Jaroslaw Lowicki
    National Norwegian coach for junior and senior girls

    Włocławek 06.08.2017